IPAA Victoria

About IPAA Victoria

About IPAA Victoria

Connecting public sector people, knowledge and ideas to strengthen our sector’s service to the Victorian community.

As a professional association, we have a unique ability to bring together all 3 levels of government in Victoria, as well as relevant sections of the private and community sectors.

We offer a range of professional development courses and events, tailored to suit the needs of the public sector. Our programs and events are attended by more than 3,000 people each year.

IPAA Victoria is a self-funded, membership based organisation. Our Organisation members employ more than 100,000 administrators and our Personal members and Fellows include many of Victoria’s most senior and respected public administrators.

Strategic Direction

Read IPAA Victoria’s strategic plan for a full description of our priorities in public administration.

Our Values

  • We are agile and responsive to the needs and views of our members.

  • We are inclusive and embrace diversity.

  • We connect and collaborate.

  • We adopt the highest standards of integrity and ethical behaviour.

  • We are reflective, innovative and committed to continuous improvement.



IPAA Victoria: A brief history

Look for our special events this year as we celebrate our 90th!

Look for our special events this year as we celebrate our 90th!

IPAA Victoria was established in Melbourne in June 1929, as a regional division of Britain’s Institute of Public Administration. It was the institute’s second Australian division, following the inauguration of a South Australian branch a year earlier.

The Institute of Public Administration (IPA) was founded in London in 1922 by Lord Richard Burdon Haldane, in response to heightened interest in the workings of government. In his first IPA address, Haldane stressed that optimum standards of efficiency required clear thinking and “intelligent guidance at its apex”.

The ‘IPA Victorian Regional Group’ began life as a part-time, voluntary organisation with dedicated members interested in and committed to improving government administration. By 1936, the group had 84 members working in senior roles in the Victorian public service, as well as in Commonwealth government departments located in Melbourne.

Already, the institute’s unique ‘cross-government’ character was being recognised and rewarded through a busy schedule of intragovernmental meetings, conferences, research papers and awards.


IPAA Victoria offers 2 main types of value-based membership tiers: Organisation and Personal.

Our members have access to discounted member prices for our events and courses, free member-only events and a multitude of resources. We also offer elaborate networks such as our Communities of Practice and a Young Professionals program (YIPAA) that provides an opportunity for both professional networking, thought leadership and organisational renewal.

Our Organisation Members

IPAA Victoria is where the whole of governments meets; where public sector leaders share ideas, experiences and nurture the leaders of tomorrow. Our organisation members come from across all levels of government:

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